On those senior to me..

Since I have joined the army I have learned time and time again how the mistakes of those of senior ranks are worn on the backs of those who…aren’t! Again I find myself caught in a situation where someone above me screws up, and after doing the magic senior-NCO dance, the effects have been shifted to me. I am apparently screwed up because I left a piece of property in the hands of the section that signed for it? They are still signed for it too!

I am growing quite weary of the Army and its lack of personal responsibility. Am I insane that I expect people to own their decisions as I do? People ask me why I plan to ETS and go to college. I think I now have a better explanation. I love the Army, I just hate a lot of the people in it.


On Frank Rich and the New York Times

I just read http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/22/opinion/22rich.html?_r=2&ref=frankrich

Please…….allow me to retort!

Wow, excellent example of how little frank rich knows what ‘hearts and minds’ or the war in Afghanistan is about. Its funny to me how the folks who will call him General Betray-us when it suites them will suddenly be ‘oh poor and venerable General Petraeus.. Its disgusting.. Its not about ‘America’ winning the hearts and minds.. its about the military winning hearts and minds and work with us to rebuild their country. Lucky for us, people of the middle east can differentiate between the service member and  the government. They know service members are far less likely to stab them in the back when its politically expedient.

We want to win hearts and minds to bring them to the table to get the Taliban/bad guys apprehended preferably/killed if necessary so we can get essential services and "RULE OF LAW’ running. That is impossible w/o local support. You lay a sewer, AQA/TB blows it up. pointless exercise. You get the AQA/TB, sewer goes in and lasts long enough to see the benefits of it…. ‘hey.. these Americans may be on to something!’ Put in power and show them running water, the Taliban start looking alot less groovy. I’ve seen it work during the surge. It can work in Afghanistan. This article was nothing more than a smear towards fox news because the MSM is loosing its audience and fox is gaining by leaps and bounds. As for the ‘hawks’ that invested in the surge.. I don’t recall anyone urging the surge except the military.. Everyone else was just bitching for the president to ‘make a decision’. Also, the IMAM wanting to build this mosque also said on 60 minutes no less, that 9/11 was America’s fault and that we were an accessory to the crime. Now I believe the guy has the right to build the mosque.. I’m just pointing this out to pick apart the article.. As for pointing out the Saudi connection with News Corp.. Fox actually reported this story when it happened.. They didn’t try to hide it.. And the House of Saud is very Islamic conservative.. The Wahabis put them in power.. If they had any actual sway over News Corp, there would be zero coverage of anything anti Muslim.

When you talk about if McCain being in office that FN would have left the issue alone, your dead wrong. I think John McCain would have had the sense to stay away from the issue though. I can’t speak for the American people on Obama’s religions preference. Honestly I think he is atheist.


This article is a hatchet job against conservatives. This whole argument has gotten twisted. I feel the issue isn’t religious tolerance, its about decency. There isn’t a real modern way to express a comparison about how this makes some of us feel. I can’t recall any Christian on Muslim terrorism recently. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. The crusades were defiantly something that can never be forgotten. I personally feel that the folks that want to build it have every right to build it and that there shouldn’t be any back door maneuvering to prevent it. They should, however, have the decency to not build it. ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ is something every citizen in a free democracy should have yelling at the back of their head.


-KP McCulley

Musings of Krabs

PB300015Well, I now find myself in Iraq. This time I’m at the KRAB. For those un initiated to the Air Force, it refers to the Kirkuk Regional Air Base. If your in the army it is just FOB Warrior.  I am of course a public affairs soldier for 1/1 AD. I’ve been very busy in these few weeks I’ve been on the ground. I must first go back to where this little jaunt began speak of the trip from Ft. Bliss. My initial attempt at fleeing the country was canceled and in its amazing levels of competence, the brigade S-1 shop didn’t deem it important enough to tell the parties involved.. hence.. a nice wait in the motor pool for nothing. Well, not nothing. It did allow one more ‘last night’ of me and Mr.. Smirnoff to reminisce about better days.

The second attempt was little more successful, albeit barely.  We again arrived on time and at the place designated by our illustrious S-1 staff.  We waited an hour and no one showed up to pick up our baggage.. Then the guys for the flight after us began to show. We eventually learned we were about 4 blocks from where we should actually be. We then began to scramble our baggage into a pickup truck and head to the gate, which of course was locked.  Try as we might, no one had the key locally.

By this point I was laughing hysterically.  Representatives from the USO showed up to feed the flight that left after us. One of the guys with them had the gate. We made our speedy egress and went down to the 501st BSB motor pool, just in time to see the baggage detail and truck pulling away. I half thought about crying out, “COME BACK! I NEED YOU!” but checked into the BSB motor pool and they confirmed our suspicions. We then had to take our truck load of baggage down to the air terminal ourselves and when the BSB elements showed up, they had heartburn because they were tracking us all having missed movement ect… I will tell you now that having a Major as your boss can get you out of some serious shit, anyhoo, we got on the plane and it looked like smooth sailing right?

Almost.. We landed in Wisconsin at some army air field I have never heard of.  The landing scared the shit out of me. I guess the pilots don’t care when their cargo can’t sue. It was on one hand fun but man they practically pancake the plane. They then stuck us in a hangar for what was supposed to be 30 minutes for refuel and to pick up some Wisconsin Army National Guardsmen.. Which I want to point out the acronym for that is WANG.. Seriously guys, you have done something many units have wanted to. You have an ACCIDENTAL phallic reference that they can’t change. Awesome.

We flew to Germany then and I don’t remember anything at that point because Ambien is my Friend. When we landed in Kuwait we went through the usual hassle of getting to Camp Buehring.  The multi hour bus trip found us all very tired when we arrived. We immediately had to start training.  It was good though., I slept so awesome when I finally laid down. That is enough for tonight. Look for me next time on the Krab Channel…. yeah there is seriously a Krab channel here.]


On Walter Cronkite

As an Army broadcast journalist I have studied this man. His standards in journalism in his time at CBS was something every journalist, broadcast and print. should hold themselves to. I wish modern media still met those standards.

Mr. Cronkite was there with American Families through some of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history. He was there to hold our politicians accountable. He was the first to tell us of tragedy. He was also the first to tell us of success and times of national pride. As a witness to history, he was a calming face to households across this nation.

Thank you for your contribution to this nation.


-K.P. McCulley 18JUL09

On American Pride

I wrote this initially back on MLK Day. I had it on Facebook and I found it looking over my profile. I felt it expresses some of my feelings for this great nation.


As we enjoy this day devoted to one of the greatest civil rights activists in the history of mankind, reflect how much our country has changed in the last 20 years, much less the last 50. Also realize how how shining our society is amongst the muck of this world as there is an exchange of power between two almost diametrically opposite presidents. There will be no bloodshed, there will be no civil war, only the continued stability that our democracy provides. Be proud you are Americans, as pride in one’s nation is something that many people have forgotten in these times.

–K.P. McCulley 18JAN09

On Ellijay and the old southern magic of Georgia

There are few places I have been, few locations that draw me into them as much as the City of Ellijay, GA. Georgia, a land already steeped in its traditions and blessed by her eternal and heart aching beauty. She harbors a jewel in the northern, mountainous region of her crown. A city who’s people still hold to the seemingly unfashionable tenants  of community, family, and respect. Ellijay is a page out of what the best that America could be. Her people are unspoiled by negative influences found in bigger cities like Atlanta. I’m this place life grows and progresses without restraint. The very air glows with life. As the last rays of light pass through the trees, intersperced with the green/yellow twinkling of the lightning bugs, I know that I am truly Home. Ellijay has me in her sweet clutches. For with her i will to spend my days, unto the end of the earth.
-K. P. McCulley 

Stress, Work, and Sacrifice

To the few, the lonely, the zero people who read this blog, I apologize for I haven’t written in a while. Work is really a killer. One fallacy with the army is there are people who can and people who can’t. I have found that those who can get saddled with picking up the slack for those who can’t, or won’t.

I find my self working 13-14 hour days on a regular basis. Ya, its stressing me the fuck out but, I feel that its worth while. I’m helping an organization not only stay on its feet, but glide like an eagle. One thing that I can say for my unit is they have some damned good people in the right places. Every unit has its issues but we keep ours from becoming disasters.

I can sacrifice my personal time for the good of the army and my unit. It will all pay off when we get in country I think. Besides, I have found that work with great stress makes the down time all the more sweeter. It makes chillin with the boys even better.

Just some quick food for thought.



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